Learned Pigs & Fireproof Women among the books on sale at Featherston Booktown

A rare first edition of Cartier Bresson’s Decisive Moment, Edin Blyton first editions, rare books on railway and military history, will be among the treasures on booksellers’ stalls at Featherston Booktown Saturday and Sunday 12-13 May. There will be thousands of books across the widest spectrum available, appealing to everyone from children to collectors. Prices will range from $10 to $1,500 for the rarest. Fourteen bookstalls will be set up in the ANZAC Hall including five of the Featherston Bookshops that will also have their doors open. A “rarish fat book” of Mrs Beaton’s Cookery Book will be among a wide selection of cook books available from the Featherston Country Cooking School stall

Exciting Emphasis on Children

Monster hunts, Playshop Fairy Tales, Teddy Bear Adventures and Code Cups are part of an extensive children’s programme during this month’s Featherston Booktown, a three-day celebration of all things to do with books and reading. The fourth annual Booktown, which opens on Friday 11th May, has a special emphasis on encouraging children to let their imagination run wild and to pick up a book or a pencil. Of the 25 events being held over the three days, 10 are aimed at children or young adults and range from an illustrative monster workshop and hunt through to a teddy bear adventure drawing workshop. There is also a contribution of a $15 voucher to all primary school students in Featherston that

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