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Festival Event

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Author Spotlight: The Pioneering Life and Work of Jacquie Sturm/Te Kare Papuni

Sunday 14 May 2023, 11:00 AM – Midday, Waimarie/RSA. $15

J.C. Sturm, also known as Te Kare Papuni and Jacquie Baxter, was a pioneering writer of poetry and short stories. Long overshadowed by her first husband, James K. Baxter, Jacquie emerged in later life as a unique and important voice in New Zealand literature in her own right. The Collected Work of JC Sturm will be published later this year by Steele Roberts Aotearoa. Hardback copies are being donated to every secondary school and Kura Kaupapa in the motu. Publisher Roger Steele will guide a conversation about the extraordinary life, art and acclaim for J.C. Sturm with academic Paul Millar and writer, dramatist and friend of Jacquie’s, Renée.

(Please note: the venue change was originally the Kiw Hall - but has now changed to the Waimarie/RSA. All other details about the event remain the same.)

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