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Festival Event

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Illustrators on Stage: Gavin Bishop, Martin Baynton, Giselle Clarkson & Fifi Colston

Saturday 13 May 2023, 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM, Featherston School Hall. $15

It's time for our esteemed Illustrators to take the big stage and share what their life’s work is about, how they think visually, and just why illustrators are so important to the success of a picture book.  Join Gavin Bishop, Martin Baynton and Giselle Clarkson in a robust no-holds-barred discussion, deftly wrangled by Fifi Colston.

(Please note: the venue change was originally the Waimarie/RSA- but has now changed to Featherston School Hall, 11 Lyon Street. All other details about the event remain the same)

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