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"Hi there. I just want to say how much I enjoyed Booktown yesterday. I persuaded a friend to join me on a trip over the hill to see what Booktown would be about. We thought we'd spend an hour or so in Featherston and then move on to Greytown. But we ended up spending five hours in Featherston having a great time! Super event. Well done. I look forward to many more."

Kate De Goldi


"Congratulations on Featherston Book Town's inaugural weekend - which has clearly been a WACKING success! Everyone was raving. I think I can just begin to imagine the astonishing amount of work you have done."

Karen Shaw

"Thank you to everyone involved in Booktown, we had a great time and hopefully next year our stash wont be so modest! Cannot wait to do it again and to see how this grows year by year into something internationally renowned (as this town should be) good work everyone!"

Graeme Carter


"My wife, mother in law, and I were in Featherston on Saturday to take part in Booktown. We really enjoyed the day. It was great, and thank you to all for the tremendous amount of organization that went into the weekend."

Emma McCleary

"We love Booktown! We visited the bookstalls and printing/marbling and they were brilliant. It's great to see so many people in Featherston and have the whole town behind it. I'll definitely sign up to volunteer next year."

Jo White

"Loved the look (and smell) of the ANZAC Hall today. A wonderful hall full of people and books. Magic smile emoticon Children had a lovely time making folders with Greet - thank you all. Roll on next year!"

Jane Tolerton

"I heard from Ken Scadden today re info about a nurse - as a result of my speech - and he was raving about the weekend and particularly the organisational ability of the organisers!

Me too - though I saw less of it.

Best - Jane"

Pete Roberts


My Brandon street neighbours said it was good to see the work you and the committee have done towards enlivening Featherston and as long time (53 years) residents they truly appreciate it."

Denise & Terry - Ferrett Bookshop


"a big thankyou to you and everybody else associated with Booktown for your energy and enthusiasm--and for going the xtra mile for us re delivery and drop off of books among a zillion other things.


...overall we think a raging success."

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