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Associated Events

2018 - 19

From time to time Featherston Booktown runs additional events to the major festival weekend in May. 

In addition, we proudly support the activity of Featherston's bookshops, creative groups and others in hosting smaller events which connect with the artefact of the book. 

Upcoming Events:

Joy and Rosa.jpg

Joy Cowley's Writing Workshop :  22-24 February, 2019

Joy Cowley will conduct a writing workshop for those interested in writing children's books.  Her assistant will be Young Adult author and poet  Jillian Sullivan who regularly teaches writing in the United States.  This weekend will be held at the Magnificat Retreat Centre, Cross Creek, Featherston. Accommodation and meals will be provided, cost $500 shared room, $550 for a single room, $400 day delegate.  Proceeds  will go to Featherston Booktown.  For more information and to book your place, please contact:

Photo credit:  Weston Cowley

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