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Become a Friend of Featherston Booktown and help fund the Festival, and our Children’s Book Voucher Project. Help us promote literacy and inspire imaginations with your annual membership donation. 


$60 Individual • $100 Family


If you’d like to donate more, we’d love that. Just enter the amount you’d like to donate when you register.


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You’ll fund the Children’s Book Voucher Project

This gets us right to the heart of the matter. When you become a Friend of Featherston Booktown, your tax-deductible membership donation will directly fund The Children’s Book Voucher Project. A $60 membership buys four book vouchers for children, and a $100 membership buys six book vouchers.


Each year during the Featherston Booktown Karukatea Festival we give out 2,500 book vouchers to all of the primary-aged school children in South Wairarapa. Children can redeem their $15 vouchers at Featherston, Martinborough, and Greytown bookshops, and at the booksellers’ stalls in Featherston during the Festival. For some children this is the first time they’ve had their own “money” to spend. Often, it’s the first time they can choose a book that they really like and want to read.  


You’ll fund the Festival

You make the Festival happen. After the Children’s Book Voucher Project is funded, your membership donations help us secure popular writers, illustrators, and workshops for the Festival. 

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Benefits for you

To say thanks for being a great Friend, you’ll also receive:

  • Official recognition on our website

  • An invitation to future Programme Launch Parties

  • Earlybird access to event tickets

  • A chance to meet Festival presenters

  • A monthly Featherston Booktown Newsletter


Your membership donation is good for one calendar year. We won’t pester you to commit to more than one year at a time; we appreciate that personal circumstances change year to year.  


The Friends of Featherston Booktown are a lively group of supporters who underpin our efforts and who are the driving force to help make Featherston Booktown one of New Zealand’s most valuable cultural events. Join us!

Prefer to pay direct from your own Internet ​Banking account?

  1. Using online banking please make your donation to: 
    Featherston Booktown Trust Bank
    Account: 38-9017-0233637-00 

  2. In the reference field please put your name and "FOFB2022".

  3. Then email us at accounts@booktown.org.nz to to let us know you've made a donation. We will email your charitable donation receipt for your taxes. 

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Friends of Featherston Booktown 2023


Individual and Whānau Friends

Alan Wendt & Dean Knight

Alison Jones

Ashley Sault

Bobbie-Joe Wilson & Brian King

Christopher Bray & Jude Laurenson

Dan & Carol Duffy

Emily Greenberg & Katie Beattie

Ernst & Virginia Kunz

Foster Family

Heather E Hutton

Jane Ussher

Jeremy Bell-Connell

John Allen

Judith Collins

Julia Stuart

Julie Lewis

Justin Kerr

Leigh Catley & Stephen Morris

Linda Clark

Lisa Adler

Liz Mellish

Liz Stringer & Rob Morrison

Marco Sonzogni

Margie & Fraser Donald

Martin Connelly

Paroa Ammunson

Patrick Maloney

Paul & Mary  Mason

Paula Morris

Peter and Mary Biggs

Richard & Margot Earwaker

Robyn Hambleton 

Romain Busby

Sara Uruski

Sarah Connor

Scilla Askew & Robert Carew

Sharleen Forbes

Sue Fox

Sue Sheriff

Tana Klaricich

Tim Mason

Willow Sainsbury

Booktown 2022 - Official Friend Decal_edited.png

Friends of Featherston Booktown 2022


Individual and Whānau Friends

Alan Wendt & Dean Knight

Alma Parr

Andrew Morrison & Deborah Barratt

Angela Yeoman

Anna & Shane Atkinson

Annie and Chester

Bobbie-Joe Wilson & Brian King

Brian Phillips

Carol A Bourdot

Cath DeGroot

Chris Kernohan

Chris Todd

Clare Murphy

Courtney Johnston

Craig Linkhorn

David O’Donnell & Kerrin Reeves

Deborah Coddington

Don & Carol Duffy

Don & Jeanette Wills

Elizabeth Patchett & John Taber

Emily Greenberg & Katie Beattie

Ernst & Virginia Kunz

Foster Family

Joanna & Julian Ludbrook

John McKinney

Joy Constance Gray

Julia Stuart

Julie Lewis

Karen Commons

Leigh Catley & Stephen Morris

Lisa Adler

Liz Stringer & Rob Morrison

Margie & Fraser Donald

Margie Sharpe

Marion & Hugh Townend

Mary-anne Scott

Nessa Lynch

Paul & Mary Mason

Pete Roberts

Ralph & Lesley Wardle

Robyn & Graham McGregor

Robyn Hambleton

Rosemary Hannah-Parr & Mike Woolley

Romain Busby

Sue Sheriff

Sara Uruski

Scilla Askew & Robert Carew

Shane & Joanna Baldwin

Sharleen Forbes

Sue Fox

Sue & Raymond Matthews Trust

Sue Woodhouse

Susan Hooper 

Tana Klaricich

Willow Sainsbury & Reuben Johnson

Business Friends of Featherston Booktown 2022


Mrs Blackwell's Village Bookshop, Miss Maude, Adamsons Service Centre, D.B. Osborne Ltd, The Chicken and Frog Bookshop, Dave Stephenson - Property Brokers, Schoc Chocolates, J&R Automotive, Bowen Galleries, Stitch Boutique, Giant Contracting Ltd, Jules consultancy, Martinborough Bookshop, Shine Hair, Underhill Cottage

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Featherston Booktown’s driving purpose is to position Featherston, the gateway to the Wairarapa, as a world-famous, prosperous and innovative destination for lovers of books and literature. Encouraging children and adults alike to not just open a book, but to love reading or be inspired to put pen to paper and write; to provoke creativity and broaden minds to drive fulfilment and happiness.   

Each year we host the Featherston Booktown Karukatea Festival weekend. We also stage many events throughout the year, gathering together our nation’s most acclaimed writers and thinkers spanning many genres to share their experiences and engage young and old.   

Friends of Featherston Booktown come in all shapes and sizes. They’re keen on things from rugby to cooking and roller derby to ballet, and range from home-makers to dog-walkers, cafe waiters to road workers, lawyers to public servants and everything in between. They come together to support Featherston Booktown to be part of something larger than themselves, contributing to the local community and engaging young people in something positive. 


"I took four of my grandchildren to Chicken and Frog to choose a book each for their Christmas present. A great time was had by all.


The gift of books is something special. Thank you for the opportunity to give book vouchers to children.”


    - Sue W.