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Recognised as a Charitable Trust, Featherston Booktown continues to achieve significant milestones each year, bringing the importance of reading, writing and discussion to the fore. 


We are now inviting community members to become an official ‘Friend of Featherston Booktown 2022’ in return for a tax deductible donation. 

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Sponspors of Featherston Booktown 2022


Joanna and Julian Ludbrook –
The Chicken and Frog
Peter and Mary Biggs - The Cooks Loft

Garden Barn

Green Jersey Explorer Tours

Julie Lewis - JML Enterprises Limited

Property Brokers Featherston

Liz Stringer and Rob Morrison

Friends of Featherston Booktown 2022


Elizabeth Patchett & John Taber

Margie and Fraser Donald

Lisa  Adler

Leigh Catley and Stephen Morris

Paul & Mary  Mason

Chris Kernohan

Scilla Askew and Robert Carew

Craig Linkhorn

Romain Busby

Julie Lewis

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Friends of Featherston Booktown 2020 & 2021


Adrienne Staples • Alan Duff • Alan Wendt • Ali Ward of Rawdons • Andrew Morrison & Deborah Barratt • Andrew Wright • Anne Hannah & Darrin Goulding • Anne Hynds & Derek McCluskie • Bavarianz Limited • Bobby-Joe Wilson & Brian King • Bowen Galleries • Christine and David Kernohan • Christopher Finlayson • Craig Linkhorn • David & Jenny Hedley of Hedley's Bookshop • Don and Carol Duffy • D Borshcheva • EJ Fitzmaurice • Elizabeth Patchett & John Taber • Ella & Felix Hallwass • Emma McCleary of Emma Makes • Ernst & Virginia Kunz – Underhill Cottage • Finom Limited • Flora’s Kitchen • Garrick Emms & Marguerite Tait-Jamieson • Graham & Liz Mellish MNZM • Gerald Hensley CNZM • GJ & R Burnard • Greytown Honey • Jane Keig • JL & LJ Adler • Joanna and Julian Ludbrook • John Broeren • John McKinney • Jules Le Loir • Julie Lewis • Karen Commons of The Le Vailla • Leigh Catley and Stephen Morris • Linda Clark • Lisa Adler • Liz Fitzmaurice • Lydia Wevers ONZM • Margie and Fraser Donald • Margie Sharpe • Martinborough Jelly Company • May McLeod • Megan Campbell • Millie Blackwell of Mrs Blackwell’s Village Bookshop • Nicholas Biggs • Nik Rilkoff • Olivo Limited • Paora Ammunsen • Paul & Mary Mason • Pete Roberts • Peter Biggs • Peter Whiteford • Ra Smith • Richard and Sue Byrne • Richard Langston • Robyn Cornford • Romain Busby • Russell & Suzanne Pearless • Scilla Askew and Robert • Sharleen Forbes • Steve Laurence • Sue Lazarus • Susan Hooper • Susan Ryan of Mr Feather’s Den • Tauherenikau Racecourse • Te Maire Tau • The Country Cooking School • Underhill Honey • Wairarapa Eggs • Wildchixs Muesli

A surprising fact is that our Friends are not just bookworms! Friends of Featherston Booktown come in all shapes and sizes, with different interests from rugby to cooking and roller derby to ballet and varied vocations from home-makers to dog-walkers and lawyers to public servants and everything in between.  Despite the differences, they all share one commonality, to be part of something bigger, contributing to the local community and engaging young people in something positive. 


Our driving purpose is to position Featherston, the gateway to the Wairarapa, as a world-famous, prosperous and innovative destination for lovers of books and literature. Encouraging people - children and adults alike - to not just open a book, but to love reading or be inspired to put pen to paper and write; to provoke creativity and the broadening of the mind to drive fulfilment and happiness.   

Each year, in addition to the Featherston Booktown weekend in May, we stage many events, gathering together our nation’s most acclaimed writers and thinkers spanning many genres to share their experiences and engage young and old.   


Featherston in recent years has evolved into a haven for writers and those who enjoy the romance of searching for that next read in an eclectic selection of bookshops dotted around the town. Bookshops engulf the senses, whether it be the smell of an antique bookshop and the aged pages within the covers that decorate the shelves, the visual allure of a new release cover and the charm of meeting the author that draws one in or an interaction with the bookstore owner to help you uncover a treasure with their inside knowledge. 



Our patrons, sponsors and Friends of Featherston Booktown are investors in the future!  You can be part of this investment in the world of reading, writing and ideas, through a generous donation of $60 per person or $100 per family. Your donation will support the annual Featherston Booktown weekend festival programme, whether that be indirectly buying a book for a local school-age child, or securing a popular writer to present and share their knowledge.  

Your contribution will

  • Buy a book for a school-age child in Featherston

  • Welcome a host of different writers to share their stories

  • Assist to promote literacy through varied subject matter and interest areas

  • Inspire young minds and the potential literary stars of the future

  • Help Featherston Booktown join with other organisations such as the Read Te Pou Muramura (formerly NZ Book Council) and events who share a similar goal for greater reach and awareness

In return, you will receive

  • Official recognition on our website

  • An invitation to the Featherston Booktown Karukatea Festival Programme Launch Party

  • Preferential and advance booking opportunities for Featherston Booktown events

  • An opportunity to meet the presenters at Featherston Booktown events

  • Monthly newsletter to keep you ‘in the know’

  • Tax deduction due to Featherston Booktown’s charitable trust status, Charity No. CC52369

The Friends of Featherston Booktown are a lively group of supporters who underpin our efforts and who are the driving force to help make Featherston Booktown one of New Zealand’s most valuable cultural events. Be proud, become a Friend today. 

Friends of Featherston Booktown 

$60  - Individuals

$100 - Family 

All donations are for annual ‘Friend of Featherston Booktown’ status and may be renewed annually.  We appreciate that personal circumstances can change year to year and as such welcome one-off donations with no commitment for ongoing contributions. 

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...Thank you. We really do appreciate your support.

Prefer to pay direct from your own Internet ​Banking account?

  1. Using online banking please make your donation to: Featherston Booktown Trust Bank Account:  38-9017-0233637-00. In the reference field please put your name and "Friends of Featherston Booktown 2022".

  2. Send an email to us to let us know you've made a donation and providing your postal address. We will email your 'charitable donation' receipt for your taxes.