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Here's what Volunteer Anne Hannah is up to during lockdown

Updated: May 6, 2020

1 How are you spending your time during lock-down?

Cooking and gardening. Using our abundant crop of quinces and catching up on those meaning to do jobs. Reading ‘War Dog’ for an hour each day to my eight year grandson so his mother can work from home . Twenty-four chapters -so should last the lockdown- weekends excluded!

2 Have you read any good books lately?

‘The Patient Will See You Now’. Non Fiction – by Eric Topal. It explores the digital future of medicine.

3 Have you listened to any good podcasts or music?

Focussed mainly on Radio NZ updates.

4 If you could have your own Mad Hatters tea party, catered for by the Featherston Booktown Country Tea and Cakes volunteers, which writers would you invite and what would you most like to eat?

Lady Glenconnor- I read her biography on Princess Margaret/ provided background to ‘The Crown’. I had tickets to her NZ show which is now cancelled. I would offer her Wendy's cheese scones. Booktown icons!

5 Do you have a favourite author or genre at the moment?

Enjoying thrillers. My son and I exchange good titles.

6 In a perfect world who would you most like to hear speak at the next Featherston Booktown?

Julia Childs!

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